The entrepreneurs workshop for October 2015 begins here and now with you writing your challenges and questions in the comments section! 
Allow me to welcome you to the first part of the workshop!

A few tips from beforehand:

  • Be prepared, do some research, know exactly what you want to learn. This makes it easier for you and me to decide if the workshop was successful for you or not.
  • Come with the right attitude. The purpose of the workshop is simply for us to share information with each other and help each other grow! I do understand a healthy dose of scepticism and you can always approach me if you have more questions. At the end of the workshop (on the 11th) there will also be a feedback form so you can let your voices be heard there too.
  • Come to show your work! After all, this is a business event! Don’t leave home without your business cards and if you can, walk with samples of your work (especially on day two).

In the comments leave behind the following:

  • what is holding you back
  • what questions you have coming into the workshop and 
  • what is your biggest challenge where you are now with your business. 

This shouldn’t be big questions for you, because had to answer these questions when you were filling out the signup form to the event.

So leave your challenges and questions below and return frequently to this page to see what others have said and see how you could help!