Entrepreneurs Church: Success on your Mission?

Who are you? What is success to you? What does that has to do with my religious and spiritual beliefs? Entrepreneurs Church is where we answer these questions and more. We discuss what is the difference between a good and a great leader and the effects that you have on your life’s mission.

Start Here: Entrepreneurship Workshop (From Idea to Business)

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Do you have a business idea? How do you go about actually making the first steps? Consider this an introduction to entrepreneurship! Come with an idea and leave with a ‘business plan’ and know exactly what to do to start making money.

MyFirstSteps – Introduction To The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Do you have many ideas and many passions and not sure which one you should pursue?
Do you know which passion you want to pursue but not sure how to approach it?
Visit this live workshop training¬†for ‘wantrepreneurs’ just like yourself!

Communication: Knowing the Playing-field

What is communication? How do we communicate with each other? How do we communicate to companies? How do companies communicate towards us? How do we communicate across different cultures? Here again we use the Love Q as the basis to discuss and talk about these questions during this workshop/lecture.

Branding: How people fall in love with you/ your Brand

How do I get more people to fall in love with me? How do we get more people to love our brand? How do we ensure that people stay in love with us? How do we get people to fall in love with us again? Whether in a personal or business setting we discuss these topics and more!

Social Media: Your online presence

I know my organization needs to be online, but how do we go about it? Which social media channel to use? How do we get things done? How do we get more likes, followers and get people to comment etc?