Workshop Practical Info

Dear Participants, thanks for signing up to the Entrepreneurship workshop.

This workshop is specially designed for you and based on the questions you posed via the signup form, you are at the right place.
I am also proud of you that you have taken this extra step in making your dreams a reality! I am definitely excited and looking forward to spending our upcoming time together! But first, a few things…  

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The inloop will begin at 12:30pm and we will begin at 13:00! If you are running late, please send a mail or Whatsapp message so that we can hold you into consideration. Use the following contact info; email: and the number you should message is: +31 64 206 5454.
As long as we start on time, we should also be finished on time.

The sessions are obligatory. This is only in you best benefit. Besides, we have went through the trouble of making plans for you and with everyone in mind and it would be nice for you to fully commit and take part in all the sessions.

Walk with …
A pen, or pencil, or crayons, or whatever you prefer to write with. You will get some handouts which will serve as your canvas to write on for the both days. Feel free to walk with a (plastic) map to keep the handouts safe and secure.
Also, you may want to walk with an additional notepad or tablet to take notes. 

Lunch will be a typical Dutch Caribbean snack lunch, with Johnny cakes and pastechis. There will be meat and non meat versions for the vegetarians among us. 

After the session on both days, we will have a camera in place and will ask some of you to record a short 15 – 30 second film with your comments on how you experienced the day and why you would encourage others to come out to this workshop.

After the workshop on day 2, I will email you an online feedback form. I would really appreciate if you guys could fill it in so I know how we can improve for a next time! You can also find the form here:

Room number
We will have someone at the main entrance to meet you, but if you happen to slip in a bit later, the room number is C2.25 (Just ask the security to direct you to NL Innovators)

Travel Directions
Being the assertive person that you are, you probably have already found the directions to the location, but just in case, I am hereby sending you the directions to the location.  

By Public transportation:binck 36 nl innovators den haag binckhorstlaan 36
The Hague Central Station and Hollands Spoor are within 10 minutes walking distance from the property.

By Public transportation from The Hague Hollands Spoor:
Walk to the front of station HS and turn right towards Rijswijkseplein and ‘Het Strijkijzer’ (the tall black tower). Follow the road and  at the Weteringkade turn right unto Spaarnestraat, past the (old) Casema/Ziggo office. At the end of the Spaarnestraat, past the playground, turn right. Walk under the railway and cross at the traffic lights. You are now right in front of the entrance BINK36.

By Public transportation from Den Haag CS:
Walk out the side exit of the station, the VROM side/by the Starbucks. Turn left and follow the footpath along the train tracks. After about 700 meters, after walking under the railway, turn left. You are now at the entrance of BINK36.

By Car:
Continue/Merge onto the A12 in the direction of Den Haag. Continue on A13 to Voorburg. Take exit 4-Voorburg from A12.
Continue on S108. Drive to Binckhorstlaan/S100 in Laak, Den Haag for 5 min (2.5 km); then arrive at Binckhorstlaan 36.

If you have a LinkedIn account (which you should!) you can invite me to connect. You will have to use my email address; damien.aschmidt[at]

If you have questions about the workshop, you can pose them in the comment box below. We do our best to check them and respond within 24 hours.

If you havent already done so, give a short introduction about yourself in the comments on the Welcomes post. Feel free to also react and comment on what others have said and see how you can already connect even before the workshop!

Hope to have informed you sufficiently. If you do have other questions not answered above, please feel free to contact me.