Contrary to popular opinion, I am moving back to Spotify from Google Music All Access!

So, last week my one year Spotify Premium account expired. Before i decided to jump back in I figured this might be the time to consider trying out Google Music All Access – long uncomfortable mouthful of a name, btw.

First of all, I must say that the experience with Spotify Free is nothing compared to the Spotify Premium experience. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing,… in terms of trying to convince Free users to upgrade.

Anyways, I signed up for the free one month trial of GMAA and right away there were some features I miss right off the bat.
First and foremost, how do I get my library of music and all my playlist exported and imported into GMAA. I did try to hunt down Portify, which was suppose to make the transition smooth(ish). But after hours and hours of trying to find a version, and then a version that works, I realized that for it to really work, I would have to still have Spotify Premium! (Chuh!)spotify_transparent_logo

Anyways, here the list of other features I miss and why Im moving back to Spotify:

  • Follow artists: You cant follow artists and stay up to date with them or when they release new music!
  • Spotify Connect/Remote control: push music to other devices where you are signged in on Spotify
  • Exporting/importing playlists
  • Latest Releases: a section on a artist’s page with their new releases
  • Warning against duplicate songs in a playlist:
  • Popular in other parts of the world.


Not meaning to sound to down and harsh on GMAA, I also made a list of things that I do like:

  • Upload songs: havent uploaded any as yet though
    (Btw, do I get to stay listening to my uploaded songs after my subscription is finished?
  • Playing on multiple devices
    This is actually a bug, but sometimes I can listen to a few songs on different devices before GMAA catches on and stops one of them.
  • Manage devices;
    you get to see a list of devices you have connected to your account – even more reason whey I should be able to push music to other (multiple) devices.
  • Downloadable songs/albums: You are able to use apps like Song Sprout to download music from GMAA

I actually think I might check out Deezer before I convert fully to Spotify again. But at this point GMAA is just not cutting it enough for me!