What Happened to Movie Posters?!

As a self-taught designer, I’m not sure what I think about this!

I was having a discussion with a friend/client about the type of designs I like to make. I was explaining that I love (to make) abstract designs, designs where you are able to see something new every time you look at it. (The same way I feel about the movie Inception!)

Making minimal, abstract and simple designs that tell the essence of the story, I think its one of the greatest challenges as a designer and a communications specialist!!! Not just to communicate efficiently but, on one hand to create something New (out of nothing) and then on the other hand to create something that tells not just the one obvious story, but to tell so many stories, and have so many hidden meanings behind it! To the point where we can go back and have a discussion about that design many years later!
Just like that conversation I was having with my friend/client about my CD covers which were released 4/5 years ago.

Long live Abstract designs and designers! Love live the minimalist, and long live the passion to tell tell stories! As for the movies covers, I have to agree with the video, there are many fan-made posters that are killing the studio released version! Especially the minimalist ones!