Entrepreneurship Workshop VIP

Entrepreneurship Workshop VIP

Dastru Entrepreneurship workshop VIP ticket info

So, Do you want more than just the normal entrepreneurship workshop?

DASTRU has put together this unique 2 day entrepreneurship workshop with the most effective tools, models and systems to help take your hobby or business idea to the next level!

When you take advantage of the Entrepreneurship workshop as a VIP guest, you will benefit from the following Extra offers:


LOVE Q Social Media Masterclass

Exclusive LOVE Social Media Masterclass! Find out which social media channel to use, and get customers to fall in love with you. Compared to the regular workshop, we get to go a bit deeper on how you can use the LOVE Q to make others fall in love with your brand, on social media!


1 Free Consultation Session

1 free consultation session to get down into your business (idea) and get specific answers to your questions! During the workshop we will discuss your idea globally. But this consultation sessions is designed to give you more hands on and practical info about your business idea or your hobby! Answering specific questions and helping to build your business model, so that you can create your business plan!


Exclusive Me-Time workshop

Find it hard to find a moment for yourself, but really need it?! Have a successful business or a demanding job? Always take care of others, and want you want to keep doing that? Often you come last, but guess what; At #ME TIME you come first. Plus you will find out why and how to put yourself first more often.
During this exclusive Me-Time workshop with Beryl Valpoort from SweetLifeStyle you will invest in your Work-Life Balance…Spend one hour of QUALITYtime with yourself. So you can feel recharged, happy and able to give it 100% again.

ME TIME is a workshop where we do not just talk about the subject, but really provide a wonderful moment to spend with yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a business, a household, work part-time or are an awesome volunteer. Time to fill your cup and feel strong, confident and blessed doesn’t always fit our schedule. So this workshop is about the importance of me-time and you are it’s center focus point!

You will visit either one of the Me Time workshops which will take place on:
– 6th of October at the CitizenM Amsterdam and
– 7th of October at the CitizenM in Rotterdam

Workshop times are between 19:00 – 20:00. (Borrel starts at 20:00).

More info here: www.sweet-lifestyle.nl/me-time

You will normally invest €250 for this exclusive VIP package.

But … if you are among the limited few, you can get the VIP package for €120 instead! Do Hurry, First come, first serve! (Op = Op)

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What others are saying about the entrepreneurship workshop:
– “It was simple enough for a beginner; to make you think and evaluate if there is space in the market for your idea etc
“Apart from the food and candies, I think Damien has a good character for leading these kind of workshops.”
– “The workshop was very interesting, I learned a lot, and was encouraged to move forward with my business.