So I have quite a few events coming up in the next few weeks (months) where I will be either speaking, giving a presentation or workshop.
I want to use this space to highlights these upcoming events and engagements so you guys would be able to come and join where possible.

  • 13 August – My Firsts Steps workshop: I’ll be hosting this workshop which is focused on presenting an introduction to the Entrepreneurs mind-set. Signup Here:
  • 11 September – Young Influential and Successful: Entrepreneurship edition.
    I’ll be giving a talk and sharing some ideas about the Caribbean region. Entrance is free! Signup Here!!.
  • 18 September – 070 Lifestyle Business Club: I’ll be presenting some tips and tools on branding, using the innovative Love Q model. (still to be confirmed)
  • 4 & 11 October – Entrepreneurship workshop: I’ll be hosting another great workshop geared towards female aspiring hobbyists and entrepreneurs who want to start a business or want to explore their business idea. Last time we practically sold out, So sign up now!!!!
  • 6 October – Erasmus University Rotterdam: I’ll be giving another guest lecture to some young aspiring communications students. (private session)
  • 9 October – Women in Leadership event. I won’t be directly giving a presentation, but I will be directly involved in the planning and organizing. Signup Here!

I will update this page with relevant (signup) links and info as that info becomes available. In the mean time stay tuned to my website and social media pages.


I also need to give a big shout out to my location sponsor: NLInnovators!
NL innovators den haagThese events wouldn’t have been possible without their help!
If you have a business idea and/or a business problem that you don’t feel like working out on your own, contact NL Innovators today!