My short list of the best and top restaurants and dishes to eat in St. Maarten, with no specific order.

If you’re visiting St. Maarten/St. Martin anytime soon, do take a copy of this list with you! You will definitely be pleased with the eating experience from these restaurants.

I posted this list on my Facebook profile awhile back and got a lot of comments confirming my positive reviews, so I’m not just making this up. (I think I might have a profession as a food critic)

Top restaurants and dishes to eat in St. Maarten

  • BBQ chicken and Johnny cake (with potato salad) from Jimmy’s on the Pond-fill.
  • Talk of the Town in Grand-case
  • Fettuccine at Pineapple Pete’s
  • Oxtail from Enoch at the bay front in Marigot
  • Lees grill in Simpson Bay
  • Artisan pizza from Dominos
  • BBQ chicken pizza from Dominos
  • Fishcakes (and anything on the menu) from Yvette’s
  • Johnny Cake & Pastechi from La Bamba in Colebay
  • Chicken pasta from Marcs Place
  • Steak & cheese sandwich from Oasis
  • Mix (Chicken and Lamb) Shoarma from Abu Ghazi


For Entrepreneurs:

If you’re an entrepreneur visiting St. Maarten and just need a place to sit and do some work with a nice snack, do check out the French Bakery “La Sucriere” Pastry in Simpson Bay.

No paid promotions! (At least not yet) 🙂