I came across this infograph at Lifehack the other day and it got me thinking that its somehow strange that we would try to bottle something so emotional, spiritual, and unpredictable as “Love”. On one hand it almost seem as yet another testimony of the commercialism of humankind. Which reminds me of some lyrics one of my favorite songs off the Distant Relatives album by Nas and Damian Marley. But I wont digress too far, Ill save that speech for another post. lol On the other hand, and as the creator of the Love Q, I fully understand the need to want to understand the science behind being successful in finding someone to share your happiness with. Personally, especially because Love and Happiness and Happiness with someone you love are such delicate and highly specific subjects I believe that we need to study the matter, so that we can teach one another and less people would end up alone, and more people would be happier, longer, and live a full life!

Anyways, here is the infograph I came across over at Lifehack! Click to expand

the science behind a happy relationship

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