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Are you an artist and want to make money from your music (online)?
Do you have a hobby and want to sell your products/services via your own webshop?
Are you interested in starting your own business or project?
Do you want to make an extra income? Doing things that you already like to do?
Do you want to contribute more to your community?

Visit this live workshop training for female ‘wantrepreneurs’, artists and hobbyist just like yourself!

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This will be the last Entrepreneurship workshop in the Netherlands for the rest of the year! Get in Now!
Signup closes on Friday October 2nd 2015 at 10pm!

Here are the details for the workshop: 
Date: 4 & 11 October 2015
Time: 14pm – 18pm 
Location: Robijnhorst 197, Den Haag.
– Early bird = €20 (until Sept 4th 2015)
– Standard price = €55
– VIP Tickets = €120 (limited seats available, Check out VIP package here:
All price packages includes free lunch

About the workshop:
This workshop is intended for you if…

  • If you are an artist who would like to make money from their music online
  • If you have a hobby and want to sell your products/services via your own webshop
  • If you always wanted to start your own project/business or if you plan to in the near future
  • Or even if you’re just generally interested in entrepreneurship, or those who just want to do something ‘more’!

The workshop is designed to bring structure to what you currently have, help you see new opportunities and leave you with an extra boost of motivation.

You come with your hobby/business/project and leave with a clear view of these 4 major topics:

  1. Online presence: We actually help you start your own website
  2. Growth Potential: List of things you will have to change in your business for it to grow
  3. Market Research: List of questions to ask your target group
  4. Marketing: Practical (Online) Promotion Tips (websites & social media)
  5. Business Model Overview:
    • Who is your Target audience
    • What are your Unique Selling Points/Values
    • What Problem(s) your product solves
    • Key activities you have to do.
    • Key things that will make/take money

What others are saying about the workshop:
– “It was simple enough for a beginner; to make you think and evaluate if there is space in the market for your idea etc
“Apart from the food and candies, I think Damien has a good character for leading these kind of workshops.”
– “The workshop was very interesting, I learned a lot, and was encouraged to move forward with my business.


  • Day 1: Motivation and Inspiration for success
  • Day 1: Whats your Business Model?
  • Day 1: Is your idea valid?
  • Day 2: Starting your own website!
  • Day 2: Pitches/Presentations to the group
  • Day 2: Networking + Sharing

Spaces are quite limited and will go quickly! Don’t miss your spot. Fill in the form below and secure your spot! Again, Sign up NOW!

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