In honor of breast-cancer awareness month, I came across this poem which I really liked and decided to share it!
Scroll to the end for the YouTube video! Enjoy!

Below is a complete transcript of the video! To all those who are fighting the fight! We are with you! 

October is national breast cancer awareness month! And in the United States of America according to current incident rates, 1 in every 8 women, 1 in every 8 women, will develop breast cancer at some point during her lifetime.

This poem is to encourage those who are currently battling breast cancer and all who love them!

She has known mirrors

As an aboriginal girl traveling a song line becomes and ancient dance in a water whole’s liquid mirror
As an Egyptian maiden lining her eyes with black coal congers magical powers in a mirror of burnished copper
As a Mayan warrior queen, of peacock feathered crown reflects on passed lives, in a mirror of polished obsidian
She has known mirrors.

This daughter, mother, wife, lover, inspects her breasts monthly in the mirror,
Raising hands towards heaven, discovers a lump in the left,
A question mark, in the mirror,
Seated in the oncologist’s chair, she faces the news, in his eyes, which are mirrors,
Mammography, ultrasounds, biopsy, reveal what must be a mistake, its …
Praise to the breast which gives life and… takes it away, Praise to the God who made it
And to the God who remakes us. Who always has, who always will.

Praise to the radiologist’s eyes deciphering X-rays, to discern the second tumor,
Praise to early detection, praise to the 21 warrior women, arriving at the mastectomy, armored in pink solidarity
Praise to the custodian of the third shift, scouring and scrubbing, purifying and polishing, the OR floor till it shun like the face of God.
Praise to the nurses’ Morning Prayer circle blessing every needle and scalpel and suture,
Praise to the surgeons immaculate incisions.

Praise to the sister standing with her at every chemo appointment, and to every nameless volunteer, performing the miracle of making time
Praise to the magic carpet of laughter that uplifts her at the head shaving party and to the fashion forward, Sinéad O’Connor, and India Arie who made it cool to go bald and proud!
Praise to the Congolese fashionista and her workshop of how to properly rock headscarves into head turners.
Praise to the millions of feet marching and walking and wheel-chairing and running for futures free of cancers.
Praise to journeys we never choose to take, but which choose us, which makes us who we are.

Praise you Aboriginal girl, Egyptian maiden, Mayan warrior queen, lineage of X-chromosomes, for cells that heal, that renew, that give second life!
Praise you oh survivor, every scar a testimony, every tear a river of Glory, pooling into mirrors.

And when you look into the pool, may you see light. And at the end of light, may you find faith!
And if you lose the faith, may you reach up!
And when you reach beyond your reach may you find Strength!