Tis the season to be grateful, giving and generous?! 

This year I wanted to try something different and so I went visiting with my mom at the elderly home. It was a very humbling experience to say the least. I saw one gentleman in particular who I knew as a youngster growing up. I remember him being full of life and always on the go! So it was quite hard for me to see him now in a position where someone had to take care of him, even to the point where he didn’t even remember me.

This reminds me to take advantage of every moment, be grateful of your position in life, because most likely you have it better than some people … and all that good stuff! Of course these are things we should all know already, but I was glad to be able to see it from this new angle!

Watching these seniors moving around makes me wonder, what dreams they had that they gave up on, what was/is on their bucket list? What regrets do they have? What would they have done better if they had another chance to run the race?

And it is on that note… that I usher in the New Year, striving for success, striving to make the bucket list as short as possible by the end of next year, if I make it to the end of next year. I usher in the New Year Praying for Success! Success within my family, Success in my Finances, Success in my relationship with the Most Important being, who I call God!

Ill pray and I hope you will do the same! 😉 



Pic courtesy of Flikr