This is a commercial by Saturn. Its arguable that this commercial was made in the context of the VolkWagen commercial. Link: 

I just wanted to say while I agree that at no point in time and for no reason we should stand back and allow Burning of Flags, 

I think from a creative and advertising standpoint it does actually make a very clever point. Hear me out:
If you watch this in context to the VW – Jamaican Superbowl commercial, which itself lead to some misunderstandings and claims of culturally insensitive, stereotyping etc, you can imagine say that the two coffeemakers represent VW (Who apparently was only Showing love for JA in their commercial) but because of lack of miscommunication and (lack of Good Technology) VW Ended up causing a whole ruckus with their commercial. Which is Saturn’s point in this commercial. And that is why they close with the line: die welt braucht bessere technik = “The World Needs better Technology”. Which again, is a triple entendre – about the coffeemakers, about the VW Commercial, but also in the car industry.
Even though the ironic part of it is that they are probably now going to cause an even bigger commotion. 

You can check out the VW Commercial here:

On a side note; I find that if we are offended by the burning of a flag for a commercial, on the grounds of Patriotism, Racism, Discrimination etc, then we should be offended by the burning of a flag in a film! And if we are offended by the burning of a flag in a film, then we need to be offended by actors and film producers using the N-word and other derogatory references in their films.

And if we are not offended about these things, or if we can excuse them because maybe they “telling a story” or “telling how it is” then I believe that we should excuse and pardon commercials in the same light! 

I am not saying that the respective parties, Brands, actors, film producers could just get up and do what they want! I do believe that they should take necessary steps to make sure and communicate their point effectively and work with the necessary partners, gaining approval of the necessary parties involved etc to make sure that the effected persons are in accordance with the message, whether it’s for a commercial or a film or any other creative work. 

(Disclaimer; I’m not accusing any abovementioned party for not taking necessary steps and precautions.)