And here we are again with the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S5. Now, this made me take a look at the future of Mobile Phone Innovation! Yes I wrote about the topic like a billion (3) years ago, but the time has come to do it again.

Samsung’s introduction of the Galaxy S5 basically kicks off the new year of premium brand mobile phones that will release in 2014. Check out the video here below.

Now, I came to the conclusion a few years ago that mobile phone innovation is (more like Has come) coming to a screeching halt! We started seeing this with the iPhone and with the release of this new Samsung Galaxy S5 it has now been made even more evident!

Now when I talk about mobile phone innovation I’m talking about both hardware as software. I’m talking about things like;
– introducing camera’s into phones like back in 2005/6 (and before)
– introducing Google Maps in the mobile
– introducing a gyroscope in the into phones like back in 2006/7
– introducing a personal assistant (like Siri)
– introducing the capability to record in HD video
– introducing the always listening personal assistant (Motorola) 2013
– etc etc

If we look at this list, iPhone/Apple has been in the forefront of most of these innovations! This is one of the reasons I have much respect for Apple! Of course Google has made some great innovations as well, (oh yeah, and Windows, with their Metro UI), but its late and I cant think of any more at the moment!


One project I do really hope takes hold in the future is the project by Motorola (which is owned by Google Lenovo now btw) called ARA Project. They are basically building phones based on the idea that you can easily build and customize a phone with the hardware that you want! By easily popping in and out the parts that you need most. Check out more of the project. Sidenote, they have been working closely with a similar project; Phoneblocks!

Another innovation I have my eyes on is something directly from Google. And its called Project Tango! These are just two examples of technology and innovation that I am looking forward to see in the upcoming years.

I wont be cocky and guestimate a specific time-frame again!