Recently there has been some talks concerning Rihanna’s clip for her new song, Pour it Up. Well, I dont think im the most ‘slack-minded’ person out there, but I dont see the big deal about the video. I think the lines are quite blurred (reference to Blurred Lines – another morally controversial song by Robin Thicke and friends) in what is “socially acceptably” in terms of artistic content; music and videos.

rihanna pour it up

Rhi Rhi is Controversial!!! Duhh! I would be surprised and in an uproar if I see her in my Church. lol (thats a joke btw)
And with that said, her duty as a controversial artist is to push the limits, and take it a step further. She is just doing her!

I think our perception of what an artist should be and who a role model is might be where the problems come start. I don’t think anybody should strive to become an artist “to show the world what you got”. I believe you are an artist first, and then a businessperson second. Just like how one might be a defender, caretaker etc, first and then they figure out, “hey, wait, I can make a living from doing this”. And then they turn out to be lawyers, doctors etc.
And THEN, Fame, abundance of money, a certain lifestyle, having people look up to you, etc etc comes as a by-product of you being a successful artist.

rihanna pour it up some more

What I don’t understand is, people knew the nature of the song and are still surprised about the video? Hmmmm Some people even told me that they used to dance their bedroom-sexxy-dance to the song before the video came out. But now that the video is out and she saw it, the song is now ruined.

Now me, personally, I’m not saying I would invite her to my nephew’s birthday party (which was earlier this month). I was more offended when Vybz Kartel start bleaching his skin. Because that had racial, social, and cultural implications, especially on my/our Caribbean envorinment! So as a fellow artist, (check out my song on my YouTube page, hehe), and like Jay Z likes to say; Rhi Rhi lets us do Us, we gotta let her do Her!


Feel free to watch the video below… Warning NSFW, Viewer Discretion Is Advised! Explicit Content! Okay, I think I got all the warnings out of the way.