Previous Work

Hi there, on this page you will find a few pdf documents with an overview of (some of) my old work. I’ll be updating my website in the coming months so you can see some of the more recent work that I have finished.

For some recent website projects I’ve completed you can visit:
– (I was responsible for the logo, website, pictures, videos)
– (I was responsible for the logo, website)
– (I was responsible for the logo, website. NOTE: this website is a temporary one-pager)
You can also visit the portfolio page on my site for direct links and some more info:
Do keep in mind that some of these are quite old (a few years ago) and may not be in used anymore for various reasons.
They may also have been updated or changed in the mean time. Lastly, some of these works may still be in a ‘confidential’ stage of their existence, so please be mindful when sharing.
I will also be working on a version of my website where I will be posting my previous work there instead. Thanks for reaching out and for your interest. And thanks for your patience and understanding.