I believe that one of the greatest, and maybe most importantly, our First real obstacle that we have to overcome is the obstacle of our family, and probably most importantly; our parents. We have to stand up to these people that have taken care of us all our lives, that have cared and guided us and only try to do the best for us since the first day!

Overcoming the box that they put us in. Overcoming the Over-protectiveness. Overcoming getting their approval!
They are the first people we Rebel against, the first ones we say No to as a child. They are the first people that teach us and help us to realize that we don’t always have to get along, or we don’t have to see eye-to-eye. There will be miscommunications.

The first persons we are vulnerable to when it comes to heartbreaks. The first person we realize that we love! And in the same breath the first persons we realize can break our hearts. They are the first people that take advantage of us.

The first people that teach us that Expectations are not always met.

The first people we have to teach to respect us. And more importantly the first persons to help us to realize that we have to respect and love ourselves – First!
The first people that teach us that we either be ourselves and live with the consequences, dim down ourselves and live in some sort of peace, or… find respect in each other and respect each other for who they are.

They are the first people to teach us to handle and deal with disappointments.

They teach us that there will be heartbreaks and that even though there is LOVE, it doesn’t always conquer all! Unless there is reciprocated respect and even then you are still at the mercy of Change. They teach us to see ourselves, and be ourselves.  

The first people that help out learn about miscommunications.

And of course because of the relationship and the supposed Love, it is the most difficult. For our whole lives, they have taken care of us, they have told us what is right and wrong, and we seek their approval.


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