“Im just taking it one day at a time” “Im just taking it easy” “Im just goin with the flow” “Im just goin with the flow” etc… etc… This mentality will just get you to the next day, to the next day, the next stop, the next station.

I recently went to a leadership seminar (held by RSMMinistries in The Hague) and I heard a wonderfull quote, not sure if it was from the bible or not. The quote is somewhere along the lines of;

“He who decides to walk without a destination in mind, is just taking a walk!”

But if I really do have to elaborate, Life is more than just ‘being alive’! We have to Decide to Live! Decide to grasp opportunities, take risks, and most importnantly, we need to have a Plan for our lives!
That way everyday becomes important to you because it is another day to achieve your dreams, goals, objectives or whatever you may have!

Also, you will need to get as specific as possible with your plans! Easy way to do that is answer the 4W’s and the 1H questions. (Where, When, Why, Who and How). It all sounds cliche, but ‘if its cliche its true’ (which is also cliche) (and that <– comment is also cliche too,… Im not sure about this one though).

But off you go…. go make a plan… at least answer some of the easiest questions so far. Consider it your construcive thing for the day!


-pic courtesy of flickr