I’m addressing those of you, who like myself, have always been the type of person to help in whatever way I could, putting others first. However, some people raise their lives not considering the fact that they will need others in the future. They try to be independent and stay away from doing for others, helping others, being kind to others.

And then one day, they wake up and realize that they need help to accomplish something, the need support and assistance. And then they realize that there is no one there.

And then, they accept this to be True evidence that people are “mean” to them, they have “haters”, and they have been “robbed of things”, that humankind is not to be trusted and that the problem basically rests with in everyone else; refusing to look within themselves.

But the truth is that people don’t only stay away from them, but they see them as just a number, just another person! Unless of course, they are lucky enough to have some special skill or talent that can get them in the good graces.

This is something I had to learn and this is something I am now willing and able to pass down to you. I know it can be dangerous putting others first and wanting to help, but if you simply practice and make clear agreements from the beginning, then no one won’t be able to take you for granted and take advantage of you!

Consider this a reminder that we all need one another, and the sooner you realize this, you realize that the more you do, the more you will receive in return. Maybe not to you directly, but to your family, kids, friends, etc. A True Friend starts with YOU!

I know this is a bit vague, but people who have had experiences with such characters will understand! And if you don’t understand… then this might be a good time to consult a mirror. FYI, if you are reading this and can’t think of much people that you could ask “hey, am I the type of person to treat people like I don’t need them” ….