For those of you that dont know, Im and 80’s baby, so I got to grow up in the day and age of the late RnB Love songs era. Im talking about Donell Jones, Keith Sweat, ‘R. Kelly, (Google and Youtube some of the songs). 

I remember back in 97, just before I would switch my favorite genre of music to rap and hip hop, one of the famous RnB groups on the scene at the time was K-Ci & JoJo. That year they released a CD called Love Letter, which is still one of my favorite CD’s to pop in when I want to reminisce and enjoy some nostalgia.
It was also the soundtrack to a relationship with one of my ex’s (who shall remain nameless). 

Until recently there were few RnB Love songs, much less and entire CD that could keep my attention long enough for me to ‘fall in love’ with the song and the artist. Partly because I switched my favorite genre since then, again, from rap/hip hop to dance hall, and back again to Reggae, but also partly because the RnB music of today sucks doesn’t appeal to me (more on that another time). 

But then… one day, out of the blue, for the first time, I came across a white chick with a serious soulful voice, and lyrics that reached to the bottom of my heart mind. Its almost like she speaks to me, and for me at the same time. And with that voice, you Have to listen to her. I just Love how they take away all the effects and noise and just focus on Her!

Since then I ‘Youtubed‘ a few of her songs, got her CD and I cant stop listening to it. And, like anyone living in this day and age of ‘social networks’, Skype,, I even referred her to some friends. And if you were/are one of the (un)lucky ones that have been around me lately, you might have even had the (dis)pleasure of hearing me sing a few lines 🙂 

Enough about my new found Love,… here are some treats to enjoy

and another one…