So after deciding on a company name, you have to go through the hassle of checking if the domain name you want is available. ( FYI a domain name is something like; – also known as what people type in to find your website) And then you have to check if your username on each social network is available. I know you have come across companies with ‘’ as their domain name, and then ‘businessname1’ on instagram and ‘@nameofbusiness on their twitter, and then

If you’re like me, this irritates my eyesight and my peace of mind. But with the growing number of people reserving domain names, and scraping up usernames, its even more difficult to come up with a good name and let alone a good username for all your social media sites.

And here is where sites such as and come in.
You get to check in advance if the name you have in mine is available as a domain name and username on various sites!

Hope this series has helped you in thinking of your business/project name.