My Great BlackBerry Hope aka Venice, I still prefer ‘Hope’ as a name though. Blackberry Hope

So awhile back, almost two years ago today, I published a blog entitled “My Great BlackBerry Hope“! In that post I spoke about the state of Blackberry at the time and how they were on the brink of…lets just calling it… ‘becoming irrelevant’! [to the consumer market]
In the mean time, they release a few devices with mixed reviews.

At the end of the article I also discussed how;

I Wish they would free-up some of those devices and install Android on them!
I could see a whole branch (pun intended again :D) of Blackberry devices running Android. They could be called the Blackberry Hope.

Well, it seems that somebody at BlackBerry has been paying attention, or did the smart thing!

Earlier this week I got some very interesting news though in the form of the following video.
It seems that BlackBerry is releasing a new phone running Android OS and the name of the phone is Venice!
Ok so they probably weren’t really paying much attention to me, otherwise they would go with the ‘Hope’ name. But its still glad to see a new device running Android!

Lookout HTC, LG, and dare I say, Samsung?!

Let me know what do you guys thing and if you would be interested in this new phone by BlackBerry.