Last Friday (the 14th of March) I spend my afternoon with Google Glass… in Den Bosch (yes, of all places, lol) and I finally felt like my Saiyan mode was activated!!

The Google Glass demo afternoon was organised by Shareforce, which is located in Den Bosch. They build apps for mobile, web and now also Google Glass. I’m really glad I got to be invited and got the change to make my friends jealous with the selfies I took wearing the Google Glasses. lol

And now for my short review
In one sentence: I felt like a Saiyan! 🙂
Actually to be honest I think I have a six sense of professing new technology! I remember, before Google Glass was ever mentioned, dreaming of days we would walk around with a Saiyan-glass-like-device which would replace our phones! (this goes together with a long list of tech that I thought about) Anyways, my brief review of Google Glass.

At the moment Google Glass is still pretty dependent on mobile phone; to make calls, access the internet, backup pictures online (even though there is a 16GB storage on board). But there is still a huge amount you can do with it. One of the main features I was impressed with was the translate feature.
You scan a word within the dedicated on-screen frame and the translate word is superimposed into the image that you scanned! And in some instances, it even uses the same style and font as the original text! I haven’t been able to find a decent image online to show an example of this, and its quite sexy when you see it in practice! Trust me! lol

Anyways, you can also watch YouTube clips via Glass, I watched a clip from the Red Hot Chilly Peppers. At least I think that was the band name, I was in the presence of some typical Dutch people, and because it was a demo afternoon and there was only one set of Google Glass, everything we did on the Glass was also projected back to the screen, – thanks to an app called Reflector – so I didn’t want to be too Caribbean and load up some Nu Vybes Band, or Bounty Killer, or Damian Marley lol.

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Anyways, that was My Afternoon with Google Glass – Saiyan Mode Activated (in Den Bosch). I hope you enjoyed it!