The Idea

This simple Q describes the process that takes place in order for two people to fall in love. By this I mean that it walks through the steps necessary to build the Love-connection between two persons.


Generally, you begin with an initial meeting, then one person has an “Aha moment” and starts pursuing connection.

After that you move on to the following phase where you try to overcome the toughest obstacle before you let yourself fall in love.

After being in love (for a long time), you will probably fall into a dip. However, to come out of the dip  you can either jump-start the relationship and do the things you used to do while in love, or you repeat the cycle and fall in love all over again, beginning with the  Aha moment again.

That’s the general idea for the personal relationships. However If you would like to read or download the entire article you can click the Expand button below to have a nice reading experience. Of you can keep reading for the Short and Sweet version.

The Beginning

I created this model based on research that I did on innovation decision making processes and followed up with some actual face to face interviews and group discussions. So far I have been 100% correct, but feedback and new perspectives are always welcomed.

There is plenty more I can say about this model, from approaches, creating strategies, to implementation and even mentalities – more on that soon. But I would be very glad to hear from you and how this helped to simplify your lives.

I’m confident that everyone will be able to relate to the natural processes outlined in this model. My dream is that this would help to simplify various areas of your lives for all sort of purposes and help to increase the communication in the connections that you build!

Professionally, I hope that entrepreneurs, entertainers, and persons responsbible can also make use of the Q to build their brands and use the Q as a tool to help solve problems in our society.

Take a look at this video from a lecture that I gave to some students on the Q and how it can help with communications and social media..


Be a part…

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