So I decided to put a list of apps together that help me be more effective in the past year! Last year was a busy year as an entrepreneur, starting out DASTRU Consulting, my personal life, etc, There were a lot of times I found myself having to be productive while on the go! I could not have done it without the help of these applications! This list is ordered in no specific order. These apps are specifically for Android system, although some (all, as far as I know) are available for other systems as well.There are all apps I use multiple times a week and some even multiple times a day!

  • Toggl: Keep track of your time you spend on each project!
  • Any.Do: A to-do list that also helps you plan your daily tasks as well.
  • Google Keep: A beautiful app to take notes and share them with others.
  • Wave Accounting: Helps keep track of invoices, estimates, receipts etc.
  • GmailSelf explanatory
  • Dropbox: Save all my (important) files and pictures for business and pleasure. Click the link to get referred and get extra space. 
  • HiQ MP3 Recorder: Simple voice recorder that records directly in MP3
  • Facebook Pages Manager: Manager your Facebook pages on the go!
  • WordPress: A handy application for my (this) [Wordpress] website
  • Bankieren: The ABN Amro bank account manager and transaction maker from

I will update this list if I come across any new apps new this year! In the mean time, Enjoy!