It could be just me, or maybe my ignorance, but I have a problem with how the Law assumes that we should all know certain things about the law. While at no point does ‘the law’ or the government makes an effort to enlighten or inform us about these laws or our rights.

Its my oppinion that contrary to popular belief, what you dont know Can Harm or even kill you and even worse harm others, including those that you love!

And I believe that something should be done about this general lack of knowledge, and when I say something should be done is because I already have some Ideas. I know law is very broad and may be dry and boring, but we live in a day and age where these are issues that can be dealth with accordingly.

Im currently working on some ideas to make this a reality and if you or someone you know may have other ideas then Im always open to a conversation.

Until then, stay tuned to this space šŸ˜‰