Last week I wrapped up the second edition of Knowing the Playing Field Communication Workshop which I presented together with S4 Foundation! You can see short recap of the first edition, which was held in The Hague on the 30th of January, and here you can see the recap of the second, which was here in Utrecht on the 27th of February!

The workshops were fun and educational. I used the LOVE Q as a starting point, explaining how people fall in love with each other, and then moved on to explain what communication is, and how communication works, and then closed off with a personality assessment.
knowing the playing field chessAnd the idea and analogy I used to tie in these, at first glance, completely independent teachings is the game of chess, (but it could have been any other game for that matter).

The major goal in communicating is to build a relationship. But in order to do that we need to first understand the progression of the game and how relationships are built [enter the LOVE Q].

Then we need to understand how to engage and interact with one another. The consequences and/or benefits of how we choose to interact [enter Communications Model]! Then last but not least, we need to understand the characteristics of each player, of each person, of each entity within the game [enter Personality Test]! We closed off the evening with some scenarios and had a great time! I really look forward to doing this again sometime soon! See some pictures below and view the recap video of the first edition here.