I myself are and is was and will be for now and forever more because non came before and non come after although many came before and sons will come after sons will be himselves and daughters will be herselves, never being eachother selves, althought influencing other selves in the spiritual and higher sense to elevate each self to a higher sense, than which was before so that those that come after will reach an even higher self only because each self be him or her self and stand on the shoulders of other selves that stood on themselves and were themselves. 

So, I myself being myself is not because I myself just want to be myself but because I myself need to be myself so that future selfs can stand on me, lean on me and follow my path themselves to be the most they can be themselves. 

Thus, future generations will shoot up and say to themselves, “I myself are and is and was and will be for now and forever more because of who came before me and who will come after.”