I found myself in another discussion today. Its an old debate actually, between the infamous MacBookPro and a reasonable Windows-based alternative. The discussion will never end. So I decided, instead of having to explain friends and clients the same thing over and over again, I would document it here on my site.

From my experience… HP sucks!!!! But in the same breath I must say that all computers (and electronics in general) give problems from time to time. (If man build it, it will have a problem).

Aside from that I guess what would be more interesting to look at is the operating system and capabilities (all specs being equal);
Once u go mac you gone for life practically, cause Apple will force their proprietary stuff down your throat.
Windows is still an open playing field where you can find a lot of software to do whatever you want. However, in general,… PCs are not necessarily less reliable than macs!! (I have my laptop on running for almost a month without a problem – A friend just went to pick up her mac after the hard-drive crashed, etc etc). I created 3 mixtapes, do graphic design, edit video and audio all on my pc with no issues.

I think the problem is, people invest €400 – €600 in a windows comp with minimal specs and expect it to run like a €1200 mac with 3 times better specs.
So it all comes down to Good Specs, and personal preference for OS. There is no one-size-fits-all.