Hello to 2014 and greetings to all organisations that want to be for effective in 2014!

On the (Feb) 02 – 14 – 2014, – Yes Valentines Day – we will be celebrating our 1st Anniversary (Yaaay). So from now up until the end of February we will be offering a 20% discount on all our services! Everything from logos to websites, to marketing plans, to contracts – see below.

Last year has been a rough one for us all and to this me and my company DASTRU Consulting has been no exception! But we have also had some great success and worked on some amazing projects.

Since our inception just under a year ago, our mission has been to eliminate miss-communication (see what I did there). However, one of the things that we have learned in that short time is that one of the main reasons for miscommunication is that some organisations don’t even have the time to communicate, much less to communicate correctly.

They go about their business, trying to keep the ship afloat and juggling 10 things at once, which all seem to be equally important! With little time left to actually communicate with their audience and the people that matter! Forgetting to write a (small) blog post for their website; late at night quickly posting something on their Facebook and Twitter page. Not being able to grow because all their wonderful ideas for events and campaigns etc get buried under the Important and Urgent things on the To-do lists. Does this sound familiar to you???

So, in light of this, and in this spirit of new beginnings, we will refocus our aim for 2014. We will now move forward as a Content & Community Management company. Think of it as outsourcing the information you post on your website and on your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. We have a strong competent team ready and able to take on projects big and small!

While we still will be doing web/graphic design, advertisements etc, our main focus will be helping you to build strong relationships with your audience! And as a matter of fact, this will help us to deliver some even better web/graphic design etc, because it will give us a much better insight into who you are and what you need. We have put together a simple and complete package for you and your organisation. Head on over to our website to find out more.

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