Yes, the Google Chromecast is available in the Netherlands, (and some other countries) FINALLY!!! (took them long enough)! This is not so much of an announcement as it is a bragging post! lol Because I had Chromecast since January! 😛 hehe

Anyways, the Google Chromecast was originally released in the US only back in July 2013! Since then, the only way to get one was to find a friend (or family member – but in my case a friend) who was heading over to the US to get you one!
A few months ago I also saw a site in the Netherlands that was selling them online for €50 a pop!
Now, I dont have a problem with people making a business where there is a demand, but why spend €50 on a device which costs $35?!

Anyways, if you’re interested in getting you own Google Chromecast, click here.

And if you dont even know what a Chromecast is… (shame on you – Noob!) watch the video!! 😉

OK, so if you still dont understand let me try to explain its a small USB-looking stick which you plug into your HDMI port on your TV (assuming you know what an HDMI Port is) and then you are able to watch clips that you are watching on your phone, computer, tablet, or iOS device… on the TV! 

google chromecast schema

A schematic overview of how Google Chromecast works

So lets say you are watching a video clip on YouTube from your phone, while your on your couch, but you want to let others see it as well, instead of going to each person and letting them watch the clip from your phone, you turn on the Chromecast and stream the clip on the TV.

How I have been using it so far is basically for when I am doing my reading and research, I usually come across a few YouTube videos. So instead of watching these clips on my computer (because they are usually embedded in a small player on the webpage) I would send them to the TV and watch them from there! A fun extra feature is that you are also able to create a watch queue, so the videos you want to watch will play after each other.

There are a few other neat things you can do with it as well, but for €35, why not get one and test it for yourself!