I want to say a big Thanks to all those that signed up and came out for the God Needs You entrepreneurship workshop. It was Sold Out and I now know I need a bigger boat…. I mean… Room… a bigger room… for the next time that we have a workshop, which will be October.
If you’re interested, hit up this link (www.damienschmidt.com/referral) and let me know by registering in advance. I know it’s early, but better too early than …too late?!

Plus, if you sign up now you get 50% off the signup fee! You do have to sign up before the 28th of June though.

The workshop in October will be more or less the same workshop as the God Needs You workshop, save for a few adjustments and improvements. It will also be dedicated to female hobbyists and those that want to start a business, or webshop. I will give more details as the dates get closer.

What others are saying about the workshop:
– “It was simple enough for a beginner; to make you think and evaluate if there is space in the market for your idea etc
“Apart from the food and candies, I think Damien has a good character for leading these kind of workshops.”
– “The workshop was very interesting, I learned a lot, and was encouraged to move forward with my business.

Plus there were some people who made some sales during the networking session!

The workshop is also filled with surprises and useful practical information. If you were there, tell someone and if you knew someone who was there, ask them. 😉

Check out a few pics below: