Get 100GB of OneDrive space for free! If ever there was a time to switch to OneDrive, this would be it!

It just so happens that my 50GB of Dropbox space is expiring in a few days! And I started wondering what I was going to do with all my important (not so private) files.

Well, here comes Microsoft to save the day! I have long been straying away from Microsoft in a lot of areas, and even contemplated leaving the Windows operating system to join the Mac-clan. (shhh) dont tell anyone)! I already use Google for most of my services, Gdrive, Photo storage, search, email, among others, and of course Android!!!!

But recently, Microsoft has been making some quite impressive moves! I really like the whole gamification approach to search that they have with the Bing Awards program. I definitely enjoy Windows 8.1 (not 8), and recognize how big of a leap of faith that was for them to create and put out there. Then there is the Office 365 package with 1TB of online space! [Mind = blown] And most recently Windows 10, improving the operating system based on the steps they made from 8.0. And even more recently the HoloLens.

So of course I will be willing to test out OneDrive, especially if I’m getting 100GB for free!

Well, so long dropbox, its been real for over 3yrs. And of course I’ll still come to visit, and you will always have some parts of me! But I’m moving on. Shhhh… dry your eyes, just let this happen!

PS: What I love about technology is you dont have to feel guilty when you upgrade / trade in the old for the new/ move on etc.