What is being creative? from Kristian Ulrich Larsen on Vimeo.

A few days ago I was saying to myself that I’m tired of the standard shape of smartphones! I been tired now for a few years actually.

Might have seen the idea already tested, tried and failed on the Acer laptop, but I do believe that on a smartphone, smaller screen, more interactivity and more developers to push it, this form factor could catch on to something.

I love the dual screen function of it, (minutes) and imagine playing 2 player games on it. 🙂 Not that I’m a big game fan, but I could imagine something of the sort.

It would have less trouble standing upright, somethings I’m sitting at my desk typing away (like tonight) or just behind my laptop and/or pc (like tonight), but I would want to take a quick glance at my phone. Now i would have to reach over and tap the power button and then unlock the screen, pull down the notification bar, do what I want to do or see what I want to see and then press the power button again to put the phone back in sleep mode.

I mean i know its not that much, but imaging just having the phone standing there, (deactivate the sleep mode) and then have the notification bar pulled down. it would be like…. like a onscreen popup, but off the screen view of your phone!

If I had to pick a company that would fit good with this idea… I would say Acer, since they already produced a laptop with a fairly similar concept. Motorola too would be a good fit, since they seem to like these funky and sometimes sexy designed devices.

Either way, I’m openly putting my bet on a new form factor in the next two years for smartphones (other than the popular slide-out keyboard alternative). I would seriously buy this phone, second hand – like i buy all my phones. But for the right price…and when I’m actually working, I would buy it off the shelf. 🙂

PS: I felt a change needed for a new OS just before Google released the Chrome OS project, and I also felt a change coming for the Social media networks just before Facebook came on the scene. Lets hope that Im 3 for 3 on this one too.