Number 1

Just a small post to let you know that Ive decided to redo the website, give it a diff look and feel that would compliment my new direction that I plan to take my career in.

First off, adding this blog (and temporarily taking down the full website). A blog would make it easier for me to showcase my work, and keep in contact, while keeping the ‘normal part of the website’ for the ‘other stationary stuff’. So this will basically take over the “news and Updates” section of the (old/current) website.

Also, from now on you can contact me via my new email address; smitty[dot]smitts[at]gmail[dot]com.

No ETA yet on the new website since Im now busy with a fulltime internship at the HOPE organisation. (Really cool internship so far btw).

I think this is all for now…and feel free to leave a note. 🙂