Some more good news; I’m happy to announce that I am finally bringing the Entrepreneurship Workshop to the Caribbean! If you’re interested in starting your business or want to know more about starting your business, stay tuned! More info will follow soon!

This is the 3rd year that I will be conducting the workshop together with the Mega D Youth Foundation! This year we also will be bringing some extra sponsors and organizations to help us organize the workshop even bigger and better!

I’m definitely looking forward to bringing this workshop here! For awhile now, I have gotten various request to organize such a workshop for the older audience aside from just the students at MYF. So this is definitely answer to those requests.
Something else I hear often is that I only have these workshops in the Netherlands. So with this Caribbean Edition I target all of my connects and clients in the region to come over, spend the week in Statia, have fun and grow their business idea!

Stay tuned for more info!