Why #DASTRU Consulting
#DASTRU is the brainchild of Damien A. Schmidt. “A few years ago I discovered my passion for Marketing and communication. Actually it’s more a love for people, relationships, connections and the psychology of it all. So I tried to learn as much as possible, and I went and got a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. During the course of my study I focused on Marketing and Communications with special interests in Advertising and Promotions.

Over time I have come to realize and believe that effective communication is a basic need as humans and also in business. If not done right, with the right perspective, at the right time, then the consequences could be serious! And so with this mentality I have decided to started my own business as a Marketing and Communications Consultant which is based on my own secret sauces.”

We are a young and energetic company with a fresh new look at things. But we do believe in working with tried and tested models. Models help to break down big strategic ideas and approaches to workable steps. You can think of models such as our very own Enhanced Promotion Model and DA LOVE Q. We also believe that research is highly important and therefore most of our work includes some level of research.

Based on these models and strategic approaches we add our new flavors and come up with new and interesting creations to make you satisfied and to make ourselves feel proud. This is how we move forward in making sure that you build strong lasting relationships with your clients!

When You May Need to Contact us
Here are some examples when you may want to contact us;
– You have a up and running business, but find it hard to take time to keep your website and social media up to date.
– You dont have the budget to pay a full-time employee or a major agency to execute your ideas.
– You are starting out (your business or as an artist) and would want help in deciding how and when to approach your customers.
– You are up and running (business/artist) looking to realize and take advantage of new business opportunities.
– You are looking for help in telling your story to your customers; how, where, when?

We really specialize in: Community & Content Management for English speaking organisations.

For us this is the perfect opportunity to Make Love Happen. Based on our LOVE Q model we work systematically in helping your customers have a great first experience with you and work towards falling in love with you!

Again, to get in contact and find out more send an email, to dastru [at] damienschmidt [dot] com.