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#DASTRU Consulting
#DASTRU Consulting is a Marketing & Communications company that is passionate about effective communication! Our mission is simply to eliminate miss-communication.

We help brand-based businesses from entertainers/recording artists, tech-companies, non profits, restaurants and more other to build strong lasting relationships with their audiences. We do this by offering Community and Content management services.

Think of it as outsourcing the information you post on your website and on your Facebook, Twitter, youtube etc. We have a strong competent team ready and able to take on projects big and small! Take a look at our short presentation for more information:

While we also offer web/graphic design, advertisements etc, See a list of all our services here! Our main focus is helping you to build strong relationships with your audience! And exactly this will help us to deliver even better work because it will give us a much better insight into who you are and what you need.

We are really a One-stop shop, helping you to recognize business opportunities and capitalize on your strengths. Our most notable model to help us do that is the LOVE Q. Based on our LOVE Q model we work systematically in helping your customers have a great first experience with you and work towards falling in love with you! Again, building that strong lasting relationship!

Here is an overview of all our services:
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