DAS Projects

These are all projects that I created or worked on. I have ordered them in a chronological order.

Godfatha Sounds (2006)

In 2006 I had the idea to start a small dj-group, just for house parties and a few gigs. So along with a friend I started the “Big Bad – Godfatha Sounds“. Pretty soon things got out of hand and were we booked for some major parties in and around the region. It was a great experience and I enjoyed ever part of it. It hurt me when I had to step away to focus on my studies. But the experience definitely helped within my studies, and personal my life.


1st Line Radio (2006 – 2009)

Together with the guys in Godfatha Sounds we decided to get on a radio show to help in promoting our group. We shopped around at a few online radio stations and then being the entrepreneur that I am, we finally decided to start our own online radio station. This idea was short-lived but I got to experience how much time and effort goes into running/managing an online radio station.


All Out Sound Clash (2008)

Another great venture we started was to organize our own shows. All Out Sound Clash was another one of my brain child ideas. Stemming from the small hall-room sound clashes I used to organize with friends, I decided to take it a step higher. I actually also used this event to get extra credit in school. The idea of the project was to organize a platform where up and coming urban (dancehall/reggae) dj’s could come to exhibit their skills in a nice, competitive atmosphere. I got to meet and connect with quite a few new people. And even-though I was not able to continue the events, people still ask me about organizing another one. (I just might)


FAST Frame (2010)

As part of a school project, together with some classmates, I help to put together a media environment as a part of the FAST Project at the Scheveningen harbor. The idea was to increase the customers, and add value to the FAST Project.


1st Line Tech (2012)

On my way out of school, I decided to finally put my tech skills and knowledge that I have developed over the years to costart a tech-help/consultancy service. After some rethinking and restructuring, I decided to merged some of these services into #DASTRU Consulting.


These are only the published and public projects. There are more projects that I haven’t included on this list based on confidentiality and or incomplete-ness.