DAS Music

Im very much interested in music. Reggae music in particular. I believe it has a very powerful and positive message. If you are interesting in checking out some things I did in the past then just scroll below and click on the links to listen and download.

Sorry 06

This timeless masterpiece was released on the 22nd of July 2009. It is essentially a compilation of reggae songs with a message.

Click here for the free download link.


Love Always, Forever and Always, Always on my Mind, Always and Forever,…which ever way you feel like saying it, all contexts are covered in this follow up sequel to “Sorry 06”. This was released on Valentines day, (14th of February) 2010.

Click here for the free download link.

A Mother’s Crown

A special dedication to the mothers, mothers to be, and the mothers at heart.

Click here for the link or listen below without downloading.

Click here for the link or listen to A Mother’s Crown below without downloading. 

I Love Music and I cannot Lie!