(originally posted on FB as a note) Lord, I know I ask for a lot sometimes, and I might have forgotten to give thanks when I do get the things I ask for. Forgive me father. 

Right now I would jus like to take time out to profess with my tongue, that you have given me many many blessings and I would like to take the time to say thanks for them all. 

A lot of people that started this year didn’t finish…and yet I’m here. Some went Hungry during this year, and yet I’m full. Some got sick and couldn’t stand, walk, run, nor even crawl, yet I was able to travel back and forth your earth freely. Some lost body parts, or was laid up in bed, and yet I was able to go to church and get closer to you. Some weren’t able to successfully achieve academically, I’m going on to another level. Some lost and morn the love of their loved ones and yet you added to mines. 

Trully I can say that you have been good to me this year in my life and I want to thank you sooo much for each and every Blessings. 

For the ability to walk, and talk, and taste and savor, to love, to be loved, to think clearly and freely, to support and mentor, But also to be hurt and have fear, And most of all… to Heal and Forgive and to share love again!!!

You brought me from a lil boy, misguided and misunderstood, seeing my potential,… cleaned me up, gave me knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and use me as you will. And I know you’re not finished with me yet. 

I will give you praise and thanks now, because things are good. And I pray that when time of trouble and turmoil roll around that I can lift my head and voice with assurance and confidence that you are still working with me to make me the best I can be.  

Thanks and Praise to you the Most Hi, 

Your humble servant,