(originally posted on FB as a note)

Ask yourself.. What would the past You say about your present You?? 

According to the calendar I am one year older today. But a lot of people that started this year with me last year didn’t make it to the end of the calendar year, and still some haven’t made it to complete the year today. Although people die every day, death is still a cause for sadness.

This year, I would like to invite one and all to celebrate LIFE with me for my birthday. There is soo much we take for granted each and every day. Everything from the ability to breath properly and on our own without the help of medical equipment, being able to open our eyes, being able to move all our limbs, being able to speak, hear, taste our food, eat our food see our family members and friends, go to school/work, have a ‘decent’ functioning brain and rational. For being able to remember how to get from one place to the next, for acquaintances and good colleagues that might become good friends, for having a job, for being in school, for being able to go to the store and buy food, for ‘clean’ clothes, on your back, for shoes on your feet, for having a place to go to at the end of the day, for being able to close a door and relax at some point throughout the day, for being able to lay down your head and rest, for a place to be warm, dry and cool for being able to sleep and/nap.

Some people aren’t able to breathe properly, some people aren’t able to walk (properly), some people aren’t able to see, speak, hear, eat food normally via their mouth, and so the list continues. Although this might all sound cliché and maybe you just skipped the above paragraph; in essence, just the basic stuff alone is soo much to give thanks for. So give thanks for that!

We have all achieved so much in our lifetime; I for one just want to thank God for the basics…and for all that he has added on extra, because he didn’t have to! Also want to thank him for the things that he has allowed me to achieve,… in school, personally, physically and everything else.

Half of the story has never and will never be told. But Remember Life is for Living and if You don’t live it no one can live it for you. So each year that you see here on earth, Celebrate Life! Celebrate your tests, your trials and Celebrate your accomplishments! Celebrate the fact that you are still here to Celebrate, no matter how dark things may seem!! Celebrate where God has brought you from and where you are now, because believe it or not it could Alll be MUCH WORSE!!! 

And in closing, I would ask you all to let us use these occasions as checkpoints for yourself. So in that breath; 3 Cheers for all we have achieved collectively and all that We Willl Achieve Collectively by this time next year!!! (if God Spares our lives to see it) And May we find the Strength and Fearlessness to continue Growing and being Better people for ourselves, mother nature, the universe and most importantly for our children!! In the name of our past and in Honor of our History!