A few months ago I began a new project – (no headline news really, I’m always working on a new project). But this has been my biggest and most impactful project to date. I started working on creating a process of How People fall in Love. And this process I have entitled; DA LOVE Q!

I don’t mean to sound all hippy-ish, professing to have the answers to all questions about love etc etc., but from all the people I have spoken to about it, professionally and personally, my theory seems to be on point. The amazing thing is that this process is not just for (inter)personal relationships but also for relationships between persons and Brands!

And as a matter of fact, this was also one of the reasons why I started my business. To help brands (in the entertainment and technology industry) get their customers to fall in love with them.

I know Love is a touchy subject, especially in trying to define what Love is! But for argument sake, I am assuming two types of Love; “First Sight” kind of love and “Hindsight” type of love. And of course I’ll be focusing exclusively on the latter.

On the backend the process is supported by theories from the Innovation-Decision Process by Everett Rogers, Diffusion of Innovations.

Now I’m not totally finished and there is still a lot more details, and potential left to be worked out. But I just wanted to take the time out to share my ideas thus far. You can read more about the LOVE Q by clicking here – Or by clicking on the main menu link to the top of the page).

If you would like to know more and stay up to date on this topic, please send me a quick email to Damien.aschmidt@ gmail. Com, Like the Facebook page or keep visiting my website.


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