There will be a few things changing around here, as an effect of my participation in the Business Bootcamp, I call this the Aftermath of the Business Bootcamp.

This weekend I took part in Open Circles Academy’s Business Bootcamp! I met amazing people, learned some things I knew already but most of all I had some great insights!

One major insight I had was that I will be playing no more #BasicBall.
This means that I will be setting new goals, improving my strategy and implementing a few changes in my business. One of the things I will be implementing is a new site with some new features! Some new working strategies to help me keep focused, focussing on one specific target audience.

What I learned
I strongly recommend all business owners, entrepreneurs and Especially FREELANCERS to visit the following Business Bootcamp. Another insight I got and that I want to share with you is the following; your website should do the following 3 things:

1. convert your visitors into your subscribers (mailing list)
2. convert subscribers -> first time buyers
3. build your expert position

What does this mean for my clients? 
I would hereby like to say that I will be responding to ‘non-urgent’ emails on Tuesdays and Thursdays! So please dont panic if you dont hear from me right away. This is something I have already been testing, so this shouldn’t affect anything for you.

Just Some of the Amazing people I met

An amazing photographer: Daisy von Knotsenburg

Jae Six