Below are 7 steps I outlined in creating your business, and I also added in some bonus steps too.

Ever wondered how to go about starting a business?

Depending on who you speak to and where you start, what type of business you have, some of these steps might come in a different order, but I have tried my best to make this as comprehensive as possible.

For me, and what I do with my business, the main steps that I help with are what I call the first steps. I particularly like to help with the first part of the business, because that’s the most interesting for me, and that’s where I feel I can contribute the most. Another reason why I help is because a lot of people work on their Branding after they have their business up and running already.

My entrepreneurship workshop is focused on helping you exactly with these steps! During the workshop we help to focus your business model, defining your MVP and starting your website. All of this is geared towards helping you with testing your business as fast and efficient as possible. So that you will be able to continue with the other steps of achieving success with your business. All this to help you save time and effort before you find yourself building a beautiful product that nobody wants.

Furthermore, my philosophy is that you can work on your branding as one of the first steps as well! Even though most people do this after they start their business.


7 Steps in Creating your Business

  1. Personal Motivation, Evaluation and Mindset (SWOT)
  2. Market Research/Analysis
    • Determine the right Target audience
    • Determine the right Products / Services
    • Determine Unique Selling Points
    • Determine prices
    • Determine and register a good name
    • Determine Branding position (my idea)
  3. Create a good Idea and test to see if it works
  4. Plan…Write a Business Plan (info)
  5. Legalize It
    • Choose the right legal form
    • Get a tax identification number
    • Choose and register a good name
    • Business license
    • Check insurance needs
    • Build a website [Most people do this here]
  6. Find Financing for your company
  7. Setup Shop! aka Execute
    • Get Insurance
    • Choose a business location
    • Hire Employees
    • Hold a “Grand Opening”


After The Start: 

  1. Improvements / Trial and error
  2. Growing your company from one to two
  3. Set Future Goals


Some extra Resources: